Unlock Hidden Property Gems with Below Market Value Deals

Discover exceptional below market value (BMV) properties on the market with just a few clicks and seize remarkable investment opportunities.

The AI Software to find below market value properties

Sample snapshot of the available undervalued properties

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An automatically generated list of properties from high-quality datasets, AI, and machine learning that are considered below market value

Sample snapshot of the saving percentage (%)

undervalue property details

The percentage of savings per £/sq. Ft available on the undervalued property.

Why we focused on finding BMV properties

Typically, a property below market value can yield higher profits for long or short-term investors, making them excellent deals. With PropMarker software you can find these hidden gems effortlessly and boost your return on investment.

How PropMarker finds a below-market-value property

Our platform finds below-market-value (or BMV) properties by automatically filtering through on the market property portals, massive government-based datasets with AI and machine learning. We have programmed these new technologies to cooperate with us real estate data and find properties that are for sale below market value.

Other Property Highlights Our Platform Provides

  • Planning Data on the Property
  • Crime Rate and Demographics
  • Previous Sold Prices on the Street
  • Property EPC Rating
  • Property Comparables
  • Property Key Tags
  • Nearby Schools and Universities
  • Map, street & satellite view

Locate Below Market Value property deals that thrive

Buying a house or flat below market value has never been easier!

Learn how our real estate AI software can help you discover better deals.


flat with potential to increase bedroom

Flats with the potential to increase bedrooms

Identify flats with the potential to add more bedrooms according to the property's floor plan.

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houses with hmo potential

Houses with HMO potential

Discover houses that can get converted into an HMO with bathroom and bedroom identification.

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houses with potential to increase bedroom

Houses with potential to increase bedrooms

Find houses with the possibility of adding more bedrooms with actual floor plan confirmation.

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Property key tag

Search properties using key tags, such as refurbishment, modernisation, and STPP, to find ultimate deal.

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AI and Real Estate Made Simple

We cover everything you need to know about a property.


Reduced & Below Market Value Properties

Get a list of discounted properties for sale and Identify properties that are undervalued based on their average £/Sq. Ft.


Planning Applications & Order TitlePlans

View current planning applications with agent contact detail. Order title plans and effortlessly find owner information.


Probate Properties

Find probate properties before they hit the market. Our software can get these deals, so you can secure faster probate property opportunities.


Free Reports

Download reports and get insights on any property you want in the whole of UK and it is absolutely free.


Unsold Auction

Discover properties that are unsold and open for auction. Through our sophisticated software, we can help you find unsold auction properties.



A comparison of nearby similar sold properties can help you make better investment decisions.


Market Analysis

We use sophisticated algorithms and data from various sources. Our real-time market analysis will give you a competitive edge over other buyers.


Property Highlights

Through the PropMarker platform, you will be able to see every property's potential, and value addition so that you can make an informed decision.

AI, Data Science &
Human Intelligence Combined

Our platform empowers you to stay ahead of the competition, make informed decisions, and become a highly successful property investor. Experience peace of mind with every investment, knowing you have the tools to thrive in the industry

Discover the power of real-time property opportunities with PropMarker