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Explore the UK property market with our Deal Analyser. Calculate ROI, yield, and master mortgage and bridge finance calculations for your next investment.
Rental Analysis Uncovered:

Unlock a detailed view of potential rental ROI. Ensure every leasing decision is backed by robust data.

Flip Analysis for Profit:

Discover the true yield of a property. Make informed decisions for flipping properties and confidently ascertain their selling potential. The ultimate compass for every property flip!

ROI Simplified:

No more guesstimates. Our tool harnesses real-world property data, offering a transparent view of potential returns.

Instant Yield Insights:

Uncover the profit potential of any property in a snap. Ensure every investment step is maximised.

Mortgages, Demystified:

Navigate the maze of mortgage calculations. We break it down, making your financial planning smoother.

Bridge Finance, Unraveled:

Delve into short-term loan options. Make informed decisions and stay a leap ahead.

For All, User-Friendly Design:

Novice or pro, our tool caters to everyone. With user-centric features, the analysis becomes intuitive.

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In property investments, knowledge reigns supreme. Elevate your game with our Deal Analyser.

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  • propmarkerProbate Properties
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  • propmarkerReduced Price Properties
  • propmarker Deal Analyser for Financial Insights
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AI and Human Intelligence Enabled Algorithm

Finding the best property deals for you

Property key tags

Search properties using key tags, such as refurbishment, modernisation, and STPP, to find your ideal investment.


Our AI tool automatically identifies property potentials and highlights them for you.


Flats with potential to increase bedrooms

Identify flats with the potential to add more bedrooms according to the property's floor plan.


Houses with potential to increase bedrooms

Find houses with the possibility of adding more bedrooms with actual floor plan confirmation


Houses with HMO potential

Discover houses that can get converted into an HMO through the addition of extra bedrooms.


Below Market Value

Locate properties
that are undervalued based on their average £/Sq. Ft.

Our AI-powered property evaluation platform lets you get the most out of your real estate investments.

Discover property deals

Find unmatched investment opportunities

Make informed decisions

Become an expert on a property

Engineered for efficiency

Save hours with intelligent property data

Unleash Full Property Potential with PropMarker's Chrome Browser Extension

Seamlessly integrate our data into Rightmove and Zoopla listings.
See Beyond the Surface:

Instantly unveil deeper insights and untold stories behind each property.

Everything at a Glance:

Dive into historical data, local trends, demographics, and more without leaving the property portal.

Decision-making Simplified:

ROI, Yield, Crime Rates — Key stats on hand for smarter, faster decisions.

Property's Full Story:

Carbon Footprint, Planning data, and Property Highlights. Get the complete narrative in a click.

Extras That Matter:

Delve into property key tags, market analysis, sold-in-street details, and more for an unparalleled property overview.

Tailored for Modern Seekers:

A seamless, Insightful, and Indispensable browser tool that redefines property browsing.

Enhance your browsing experience. Activate PropMarker's Chrome Extension Today!

AI and Real Estate Made Simple

We cover everything you need to know about a property.


Reduced & Below Market Value Properties

Get a list of discounted properties for sale and Identify properties that are undervalued based on their average £/Sq. Ft.


Planning Applications & Order TitlePlans

View current planning applications with agent contact detail. Order title plans and effortlessly find owner information.


Probate Properties

Find probate properties before they hit the market. Our software can get these deals, so you can secure faster probate property opportunities.


Free Reports

Download reports and get insights on any property you want in the whole of UK and it is absolutely free.


Unsold Auction

Discover properties that are unsold and open for auction. Through our sophisticated software, we can help you find unsold auction properties.



A comparison of nearby similar sold properties can help you make better investment decisions.


Market Analysis

We use sophisticated algorithms and data from various sources. Our real-time market analysis will give you a competitive edge over other buyers.


Property Highlights

Through the PropMarker platform, you will be able to see every property's potential, and value addition so that you can make an informed decision.

Comprehensive Property Report

Looking to buy or invest in a property in the UK

Subscribe to one of our plans and download reports for any UK property.

Our reports have thousands of data points and are perfect for property investors or future home buyers, allowing them to purchase confidently.

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Property Address & type


Property tenure


Property Title Number


Property sales history


Property bedroom count


Property internal & plot area


Property EPC rating, Flood Risk data


Property Floor plan


Marketing Analysis


Map, Street & Satellite view


Transportation nearby


Planning data on the property


Sold prices on the street


Property Comparables


Schools and Universities nearby


Neighborhood planning history


Crime rate and demographics


Broadband, Mobile coverage


Hospitals / GP / Dentists / NHS nearby


Carbon footprint


Air quality


Population In Area

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Client Testimonials

This software saves me so much time and help me identify deals quick I have never seen anything like it
Luke F
So many ways to find property deals I have subscribed to a lot of these property software sites and this is by far the best one , I have already secured a Probate property simply by Using Key tags and finding one that was on the market
I like your comprehensive property Report which is second to none. This is the best report I've ever found so far compared to other platforms.
Madi Director- Granya Homes Ltd
Full of information and I'm sure everyone benefitted
Many thanks, it’s certainly very interesting. Well done to you all.

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