Can I Extend My Property? A Guide to Extending Your Property in the UK


Extending your property can be an excellent way to add space, value, and versatility to your flat, home, or investment property in the UK. One effective strategy to enhance property value is by adding bedrooms to existing properties. In this blog post, we will explore the possibilities and considerations of Extending or Repurposing properties specifically through bedroom additions, and explore Homes in Multiple Occupation (HMO) opportunities. By understanding the potential benefits and leveraging advanced AI technology , you can make informed decisions to maximise your investment returns.

Unlocking Bedroom Potential in Houses:

At PropMarker, we use reliable data from the UK government datasets, such as Land Registry, with cutting-edge AI and machine learning. Our real estate AI software scans through floor plans across the country, identifying houses with the potential to increase bedrooms . By leveraging accurate data and futuristic technology, we pinpoint opportunities to add single or double bedrooms.

In addition, our analysis highlights existing bedrooms and even identifies the potential conversion of spaces like upstairs bathrooms into valuable bedrooms. Our powerful AI property tool empowers you to optimise your rental capacity and overall property value.

Exploring Flat Extensions for Added Value:

Maximising the use of space in flats is crucial to increasing rental income. PropMarker's sophisticated AI property software analyses floor plan images, utilising valuable datasets from UK government platforms. By doing so, we can identify flats with the potential for single or double bedroom extensions.

Our platform takes into account key factors like separate kitchens and sufficient kitchen sizes, identifying flats that can be converted into valuable bedrooms . By considering possibilities such as repurposing kitchens into bedrooms, allowing you to unlock additional rental opportunities and optimise their investment returns.

Identifying HMO Potential in Houses:

Looking to maximise rental yield, House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) properties present a lucrative opportunity. PropMarker utilises reliable information from government datasets, combining it with advanced AI technology and machine learning. Our AI property software automatically scans a house's floor plan image, determining its potential for HMO suitability based on its existing structure.

By analysing the number of rooms and assessing the feasibility of adding more, our platform identifies houses with high HMO potential. This insight enables you to tap into the thriving HMO market and increase your Return.


Repurposing or extending your property by adding bedrooms offers a tremendous opportunity to increase rental yield and investment returns. PropMarker's innovative AI software provides valuable insights, to identify properties with bedroom extension potential in the UK market. Whether you're considering houses, flats, or HMO properties, our AI tool and expertise guide you in optimising your investments. Don't miss out on the potential to maximise rental income and enhance the value of your property portfolio.

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